Sunday, March 7, 2010

Christmas Creek 1st Trip

I Wandered down stream,
It'd been a while since i felt the space.

Within a few mins 4 kookaburras and 2 crows Chased a Wedgetail
down the middle of the creek..
Get out, Get out, They were all yelling to the big Fella.

The scene took me by surprise.
I didnt have the camera ready..

They'd had good rain, and the Creek was Running.
Small Waterfalls every 20 Feet.

I got into one of the Many Shady Pools
And then it all happpened again..

Back the otherway they came, Get out,
Get out of our place, they were all yelling
in unison..

What a sight..6 Spitfires chasing a b52 Bomber..

I was back..

I will just lay here for a bit..
No Hurry, No where to go anyway. I Thought..

Within 10 mins,,,A Big...
HEY,...I got One..Tony yelled out
over the sound of the Little Water Falls..

What....He had only been gone twenty bloody mins..
They must be thick, I thought...

So Out with the cameras and off we went..

Welcome to Christmas Creek.....
All we need now is a Kilo of the Yella stuff
and the Day will be a real Success...

I think it may happen ya know..
I just got a good feel about the Place...

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